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Your Session with Larry Clark.

Escorts and boyfriends

Escorts are generally ok, HOWEVER, I prefer to not have escorts hanging around my studio.
There are several reasons for this.
I do not care to have to be mindful of another person in my studio while I am shooting,
I already have enough on my mind when working with models, amateurs and private clientele', my lights, my camera and everything else.
I don't want to have to worry if they are stepping on the stack of CDs I like to listen to while shooting, yes it has happened.
It can also get crowded here at times and I don't need another body taking up precious room.
I like to make a connection with the model while shooting, a one on one as they say, this helps the model to relax, helps me to relax
and keeps us focused on YOUR shoot, and not on the person watching and making you and I nervous.
Boyfriends, also sometimes called escorts, I prefer to have them left at home, epsecially when working with amateurs
as they will make a model nervous and self conscious.
I live and work with my fiance' with whom I am having a baby,
I have no need or want to hit on the models and ladies whom I shoot, so you should not have to
worry about that either. But if you really NEED to have an escort, make it a female, if you are a female.

Hair and Makeup

Your session may include Makeup and Hair styling or it may not.
I suggest you have your makeup done by a professional makeup artist. This will
insure your images will look even better with the correct makeup for your skin tone,
facial shape and type of photography we will be shooting. I shoot alot of B/W images and
makeup for B/W photography is completely different than makeup you would do for color photography or
everyday street wear. Makeup for photography in general is different than everyday street makeup.

I have worked with ladies who say they know how to do their own makeup,
and when they show up, this is not the case. Lips were too dark, foundation didn't match their skin by being either too
light or too dark. Wrong colors for their skin tone. Eyeshadow was all wrong, and the wrong style of eyelashes for the period style of
photography we were doing. There are several ways of having your MU done, one of which is to hire a pro
that I work with, a MUA(makeup artist) I know, trust and have worked with in the past. Another
method is to go to a counter at the mall and tell them you are doing a shoot and would like your makeup done.
However, if you go the latter route, by going to the counter, be sure to buy something from these ladies,
as they have just spent their time making you look your absolute best for your shoot.
You can also hire your own MUA if you know one, or I can recommend one.
Either way you go, you should have your MU done so your images will look as best as they can.


Make sure your nails have been properly manicured and polished. Theres nothing like a great picture, only
to be detracted from by cracked and chipped nails.

How much time will you need for your shoot?

If you have your makeup done at the shoot location, it will take anywhere from 1-2 hours.
You can have your MU done before you show for your shoot also.
If you have your hair done that can take anywhere from 1-2 hours as well, but I know
some artists who are very fast and can do both in under 2 hours.

The shoot

Depending on what type of photo shoot you are doing, Hollywood Glamour, Color Fashion, Pinup,
Artistic Nude or Boudoir, it can be anywhere from 1-4 hours. All of this depends on the style and type of shoot you will be doing as well as time needed for MU and Hair if done at the studio.


I do not supply wardrobe unless I have a specific shoot I am doing for my artistic endeavors. I can however
suggest some things for you to wear or purchase for your shoot,
my recommendations are based on the style and type of shoot we are doing.
Just ask.

The Shoot and Ending

Once your MU and Hair are ready, I will begin with some shots to make sure everythign looks good in the camera.
Once that is done we will shoot, do outfit changes or whatever the shoot calls for. Once the shoot is done
and we think we have gotten the desired images, you can pack up your belongings and head out.
It will take me several days to a aweek to go over your images with my assistant, and choose
the best of the best images to edit and put up a proofing gallery. After you have chosen your images for yourself
we will have your prints made and shipped to you, or email your web images if for use on Myspace or Model Mayhem.

Other Styles

I do shoot other styles for private personal sessions, as well as for publications.
Artistic Nude, Boudior, and Fetish Photography are some of the other styles and types of shoots I do.