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Recommended Photography eBooks

Photography eBooks

Highly Recommended Photography eBooks.
I've read each of these eBooks and highly recommend them as great tutorials and learning guides.
Below the eBooks is Kelby Training a great place to learn photography online, and next to that
is One Model Place a great place to find models to shoot, especially if you're just beginning.

How to take Hollywood Portraits Ed Verosky's Boudoir Photography
David DuChemin Ed Veroskys Flash Photography
Ed Veroskys Portraiture Photo Posing Secrets
Portrait Tips and Techniques Robert Scott Lim - Master Lighting Guide
Christopher Greys 101 Inspiring Poses Glamour Posing Guide
How to photograph nudes like a pro Lighting The Evocative Nude
Guerilla Glamour Guerrilla Headshots
Skin - The Complete Guide to Glamour and Nude Photography Topaz Adjust Photoshop Plugin
ONE MODEL PLACE Learn Photography Online with the Pros




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