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Your Session is an Investment.

Yes thats right, many people look at their shoot and personal session as an investment.
Ladies and gentlemen both agree, that pictures are something that can last longer than a lifetime
and become family heirlooms. People want something to remember their younger glamourous years,
and some want to give their significant others somethign precious to remember them with.
An investment is something you put your money into, that will last a long time,
give you memories and a lifetime of joy. As heirlooms your grandchildren may look at your images and say
"WOW, Grandma and grandpa were such a good looking couple".
They may also be a part of a documented family tree.
As with the movie stars of old Hollywood, pictures gave people something to remember who they were, and have lasted decades.
Even in Death there are images burned in our memories that we still remember.